Payroll Mate Welcomes QuickPayroll Users

Payroll Mate is an excellent alternative to QuickPayroll. Below is a short list of what this payroll software can do:

  • Automatically calculates federal and state tax withholding.
  • Supports different types of pay periods including weekly, biweekly,semimonthly and monthly.
  • Supports customizable income, tax and deductions categories.
  • Supports income per mile and per piece.
  • Supports fringe benefits.
  • Prints forms 940, 941, 944, W2 Copy B, W2 Copy C, W2 Copy D, W2 CopyState 1 and W2 Copy State 2 on blank paper.
  • Generates comprehensive reports including payroll journal, tax liability and deposit requirement.
  • Handle payroll deductions that are exempt from federal and state taxes like 401K and state retirement plans.
  • Exports payroll reports to Excel, CSV and PDF.
  • Prints on Laser and Inkjet checks.
  • Prints on preprinted red scannable W2 Copy A and W3 forms.
  • Free updates during the tax year.
  • One step backup and restore.
  • Runs over a network.
  • Generates Direct Deposit File (optional feature).
  • Ability to print MICR checks on blank check stock (optional feature).

A free demo of Payroll Mate can be downloaded by going to the payroll software download page.