Run Payroll in QuickBooks 2011 without Upgrading to QuickBooks 2014


QuickBooks 2011 has been discontinued by Intuit on May 31, 2014 (QB 2011 payroll sunset). This means that current QuickBooks 2011 users will not be able to run payroll, pay employees or file payroll forms especially the upcoming second quarter 941 form without upgrading to QuickBooks 2014 and signing up for a new payroll subscription (please refer to QuickBooks service discontinuation policy and upgrade for more details).

Our Payroll Mate 2014 payroll software offers a great alternative to employers and tax professionals, who wish to continue to use QuickBooks 2011 and still do payroll in-house.

Why Payroll Mate 2014 is a great alternative to QuickBooks 2011 (and other versions) users:

  • $139 per calendar year for up to 10 companies with 75 employees per company. No per employee or per check charges. The price of Payroll Mate has not increased in 10 years. We grow by adding customers and not by increasing prices.
  • Easily import your employees from QuickBooks including names, addresses and socials.
  • Enter year-to-date information so you can switch mid-year. You will be able to print 2014 941 for the second quarter although you processed part of your second quarter checks in QuickBooks.
  • Powerful export capability to QuickBooks. Once you are done processing payroll inside Payroll Mate, export checks and payroll data to QuickBooks 2011 (or any other copy) for accounting purposes.
  • Free US-based technical support.
  • Easy to use and setup. Click here for full feature list.


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Payroll Mate Best Value in Payroll Software