EFile Minnesota 1099 and E-File Minnesota W2

Due to a recent Minnesota law change, the electronic filing thresholds will decrease over the next few years:

(1) Tax year 2009 : Efile W-2s and/or Efile 1099s if you have more than 50 forms.
(2) Tax year 2010: File W-2s electronically and/or file 1099s electronically if you have more than 25 forms, and
(3) Tax year 2011 : E-file W-2 Forms and/or E file 1099 if you have more than 10 forms.

Your 2009 W-2s and any 1099s with Minnesota withholding are due February 28, 2010.

Refer to the new electronic filing threshold limits above to determine if you are required to submit your W-2s and/or 1099s electronically. Minnesota no longer accepts W-2s on CD-ROM, diskette, or in PDF format.

You can use our W2 Mate software to report W2s or 1099s to the state of Minnesota either by paper or through electronic filing. For W2 Forms, the software can print all copies (W2 Copy A, W2 Copy B, W2 Copy C, W2 Copy D, W2 Copy 1, W2 Copy 2) and can generate EFW2 (formerly MMREF) file to electronically  file with the state. For 1099 Forms, the software can print all copies (Copy B, Copy C, Copy 1, Copy 2) and can generate a file formatted based on IRS requirements for electronic filing. Minnesota participates in the combined federal/state filing program for reporting 1099 information, this program allows the payer or its agent to E-file 1099s with the IRS and authorizes the release of the information to the appropriate state (Minnesota in this case).

To read more about our 1099 Software or W2 Software , please go to www.realtaxtools.com .