Oregon W-2 Form: Oregon W-2 Filing requirements | Oregon W-2 E-File


Businesses in Oregon can use our W2 Software to report W-2 information electronically. A free demo of our W2 reporting software can be downloaded from the w2 software download page.

Oregon W-2 Filing requirements

Effective for calendar year 2010, businesses with 50 or more employees and all payroll service providers are required to report W-2 information electronically.

The Oregon Department of Revenue will follow the same file specification for the W-2 forms information as the Social Security Administration.

The transmittal due date is March 31, 2011. Forms W-2 are filed electronically only; paper W-2s or other forms of media are not accepted.

Visit the Social Security Administration’s website for more information about their EFW2 format.

Employers that do not use a payroll service and have fewer than 50 employees may also file their W-2s electronically if they choose, but will be required to file electronically starting with 2011 forms.

To learn more about W2 E-Filing, please visit our website at www.realtaxtools.com .