Wisconsin DOR Updates Annual W2 Reporting and 1099-MISC Reporting

What’s new for tax year 2009?

A provision in the recently enacted 2009 Wisconsin Act 28 provides for a Wisconsin advance EIC payment. This provision is based on the federal advanced EIC.

An individual who expects to be eligible to claim the federal advance EIC and is a full-year legal resident of Wisconsin may request that his or her employer add to his or her paycheck an advance Wisconsin EIC. Wisconsin will be adding a field to the State, ‘RS’, record of the Social Security Administration’s EFW2 file specifications. The Wisconsin Advanced Earned Income Credit field will be a 10 digit field from position 298 – 307 of the RS record which is labeled in the EFW2 specifications as Other State Data. This field should be right justified and zero filled.

Effective January 1, 2009, Electronic Filing of Wage Statements and Information Returns for the 2009 earnings year (2009 Act 28, repeal and recreate sec. 71.80(20)), the filing threshold for the number of statements that must be filed electronically has been reduced from 250 to 50. Our W2 EFile software can generate EFW2 electronic files that include state information.

Also, employers that file their 1099s for Wisconsin payees to the IRS as part of the Combined Federal/State filing program must file those 1099s with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue if Wisconsin taxes are withheld. Our 1099 software can be used to E-File 1099 forms (1099-MISC , 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and 1099-R) with the IRS and with the state. You can also use our software to file on paper.

A free demo of our software can be downloaded by going to the W2 / 1099 Software Download Page.