941 due date for the third quarter of 2009 is October 31 2009

Payroll Mate payroll software reminds employers and payroll tax professionals of the 941 deadline for the third quarter of 2009. Form 941 is due the last day of the month that follows the end of the quarter. 2009 third quarter 941 Form is due October 31, 2009 and includes payroll periods in July, August and September 2009.

Use Form 941 to report the following amounts.

  • Wages you have paid.
  • Tips your employees have received.
  • Federal income tax you withheld.
  • Both the employer’s and the employee’s share of social security and Medicare taxes.
  • Current quarter’s adjustments to social security and Medicare taxes for fractions of cents, sick pay, tips, and group-term life insurance.
  • Advance earned income tax credit (EIC) payments.
  • Credit for COBRA premium assistance payments.

Preparing form 941 can be cumbersome and time consuming. A payroll system that includes payroll forms and reports can save business owners time and money. Payroll Mate generates and prints payroll form 941. If you don’t already use Payroll Mate, you can go to the payroll software download page to grab a free demo.