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Use a 2010 payroll calculator to simplify payroll. Avoid manual calculation errors by using Payroll Mate 2010 payroll software. This payroll calculator automatically computes payroll taxes and deductions. See if this accommodating payroll calculator software will meet the needs of your company by downloading a free demo from our 2010 payroll calculator download page.

Avoid costly manual errors. Use an automated payroll calculator. Payroll Mate is accurate, efficient and consistent payroll software. The software calculates federal income tax withholding, Social Security tax, Medicare, state income tax withholding and local payroll taxes. The flexibility of this payroll calculator makes it an asset to all users. Payroll Mate 2010 allows the user to easily enter their own types of incomes, deductions and taxes or use the categories we have built in.

Types of payroll incomes built into 2010 payroll calculator include hourly pay, salary, commission, tips, overtime and more. When establishing a new payroll income it can be based on a number of different variables. Base new incomes on a fixed or variable amount, per year, per hour, per piece, per mile and/ or percentage of sales. Employers can create incomes that are tax exempt if this applies to their situation. Users also have the choice to select various deductions that will apply to various incomes.

As with types of incomes, Payroll Mate supports a number of built in deductions such as 401K and health insurance. We also allow user defined payroll deductions that may include union dues, loans and child support. Deductions can be calculated numerous ways and added as tax exempt if applicable. Deductions can be directed to W2 box 10, 12 or 14. You can add an unlimited number of deductions, the flexibility of this 2010 payroll calculator does not exclude any type of deduction.

Federal income tax withholding, state income tax withholding, Medicare, Social Security, federal unemployment, state unemployment, state disability insurance are built in automatically calculating tax categories in 2010 payroll calculator. Users can add an unlimited number of custom tax categories for example county taxes, school taxes and/ or municipality taxes. To add a new tax category simply fill in the tax details screen and apply the appropriate taxes to each employee.

Payroll Mate is extremely versatile software fitting the needs of all users. Payroll calculator 2010 automatically computes built in and user defined incomes, taxes and deductions.

Save time and money by using 2010 payroll calculator. Try it for yourself by downloading a free demo from our payroll software download page.