2009 W3 Form: 2009 W3 Instructions on How to Print Form W-3 in Tax Year 2010


2009 Form W3 is used to transmit paper 2009 w2 forms to the Social Security Administration. You can use W2 Mate, our W2/ W3 forms software, to create, print, email and e-file W2 forms, 2009 W3 forms, 1099 forms and 2009 1096 forms. Download a free demo of W2 Mate from our software download page.

2009 W3 Form- How to Print

1. Install W2 Mate 2009 W3 software.

2. Enter company information including W3 information.

3. Enter employees’ information.

4. Verify data entered is correct (names, addresses and totals).

5. Click the W3 form icon in W2 Mate located on the left side of the screen.

6. Again verify the information is correct. Box c contains the total number of 2009 W2 forms being sent with this 2009 w3 form. Boxes 1 through 19 contain the total amount from all the W2 forms being sent with this form W3. The main boxes on the W-3 form include:

– Wages, tips, other compensation
– Federal income tax withheld
– Social security wages
– Social security tax withheld
– Medicare wages and tips
– Medicare tax withheld
– Social security tips
– Allocated tips
– Advance EIC payments
– Dependent care benefits
– Nonqualified plans
– Deferred compensation
– For third-party sick pay use only
– Income tax withheld by payer of third-party sick pay
– State wages, tips, etc.
– State income tax
– Local wages, tips, etc.
– Local income tax

7. When printing W3 forms you have to options:

Printing data to preformatted red ink laser forms. To print to preprinted forms insert a form into your printer, click the print button from the W3 form page. Choose the option that states print data only on a preprinted red ink laser form. Click ok to print.

Printing SSA accepted laser substitute forms. This is an optional feature you can add to W2 Mate. It will allow you to print W2 copy A and w3 forms to blank paper (laser printer required). To print a laser substitute 2009 W3 form click the W3 form icon in W2 Mate. From this screen click print and choose the option that states print a complete laser substitute W3 form. Click ok to print.

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