2010 SUI Rates for NY, AL, DE, NV, SC, and VA .

2010 Payroll SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) rates for the states of New York, Alabama, Nevada, Virginia, South Carolina and Delaware.

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2010 New York Payroll SUI Rate: For tax year 2010, the NY rate schedule in effect is under the column name “Less than 0%.” The range of the normal portion of the 2010 NY SUI rates is 0.009 to 0.089. The range of rates with the normal, subsidiary and the reemployment tax for 2010 is 0.015 to 0.099. For new employers the rate is 0.041, including the subsidiary tax rate of 0.00625 and the reemployment tax of 0.00075.

2010 Alabama Payroll SUI Rate: Schedule D of the Alabama UI tax table applies in calendar year 2010. SUI Rates in that schedule range from 0.0059 to 0.0674. In addition, the Shared Cost Assessment for 2010 will increase to become 1.5 percent. All AL experience-rated employers (except new employers and employers assigned a rate of at least 5.4 percent but no greater than 5.45 percent) are required to pay the 0.0006 employment security administrative enhancement assessment under Schedule D.

2010 Nevada Payroll SUI Rate: Reserve ratios for each class have been updated, but the range of rates is the same for 2010: 0.25% to 5.4%. The range of reserve ratios is 5.2% or more for Class 1 up to -17.2% for Class 18. This amendment to the schedule is effective for 120 days from December 7 2009.

2010 South Carolina Payroll SUI Rate: There is a surcharge tax of  0.007 in effect for the 2010 year. Contribution rates for positive-balance employers range from 1.24% to 3.34% . Contribution rates for negative-balance employers range from 3.69% to 6.10%. The contingency assessment is 0.06%. In addition, the new SC UI employer rate is 3.4% for 2010 (this rate includes contingency assessment and surcharge tax).

2010 Virginia Payroll SUI Rate: There is a pool cost charge of 0.0028 and a fund building charge of 0.002. For 2010 , the rates range from 0.10 percent to 6.2 percent.

2010 Delaware Payroll SUI Rate: Basic rates for tax year 2010 range from 0.1 percent to 8.0 percent. New non-construction employers pay 2.6 percent in 2010 and new construction employers pay rates ranging from 5.6 percent to 8.2 percent, depending upon their NAICS classification.