How to Do Payroll Deductions | How to Do 2010 Payroll Deductions


How to do payroll deductions using payroll deduction software. Payroll Mate automatically calculates payroll deductions and taxes. Though many businesses may have similar deduction categories there are always companies with unique deductions. We have taken these situations into account when developing our payroll software. Real Business Solutions has created a product that allows user defined deductions to be entered in the program. Try the user defined deduction feature for yourself by downloading a free trial of our payroll software.

Our payroll deduction software supports deductions such as 401K, simple IRA, health insurance, uniform costs and child support. Any type of deduction your company may require can be added to Payroll Mate. Add a deduction based on how it is calculated, who it is paid by, a cut-off if applicable, the associated W2 box and tax exempt status. Some deductions are tax exempt our program allows you to designate tax exemption which is recognized when a check is created.

The user has many different options to choose from when indicating how a deduction is calculated. Payroll deduction software offers the following types of calculations percentage, fixed, variable, per hour, per mile, per piece and percentage of another deduction.

Payroll deductions can be made applicable to all employees or to certain employees. This is done in the employee set-up wizard. Deductions can be added at anytime throughout the year or be made applicable to different employees at anytime.

How to Do Payroll Deductions
How to Do Payroll Deductions

You can do payroll deductions quickly and easily using our small business payroll software. For more information about payroll deductions go to  or see the software and its features for yourself.