How to Do 1099 forms | How to Make 1099 forms

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to do 1099 forms or  how to make 1099 forms , then this post has the answer for you.

Use our 1099 form software to do 1099 forms. W2 Mate supports 1099 Misc, 1099 Div, 1099 Int, and 1099 R forms. Thousands of business owners use our 1099 software to create, print, email and file 1099 forms. Try it yourself download a free trial from our free 1099 software demo download page or find more information online at .

The process to generate 1099 forms is simple:

Start by entering company and recipient information. Enter the information manually or use an importing option.

Enter the totals on the forms, again this can be done manually or through the import. W2 Mate, 1099 software, importing option allows the user to import a csv file or import directly from Quickbooks.

Below is a summary of 1099 forms types of payments

Advance earned income credit  :  W-2
Allocated tips : W-2
Annuities   :  1099-R
Attorneys, fees and gross proceeds  :  1099-MISC
Auto reimbursements: Employee :   W-2
Auto reimbursements: Nonemployee :  1099-MISC
Awards: Employee  :   W-2
Awards: Nonemployee  :   1099-MISC 
Bonuses: Employee :  W-2 Forms
Bonuses: Nonemployee :  1099-MISC
Capital gain distributions : 1099-DIV
Car expense: Employee   :   W-2
Car expense: Nonemployee   :  1099-MISC
Charitable gift annuities  :  1099-R
Commissions: Employee   : W-2
Commissions: Nonemployee   : 1099-MISC
Compensation: Employee  :  W-2
Compensation: Nonemployee  :  1099-MISC
Crop insurance proceeds :  1099-MISC
Damages  :  1099-MISC
Death benefits : 1099-R
Dependent care payments : W-2
Direct rollovers  : 1099-R
Direct sales of consumer products for resale :  1099-MISC
Directors fees : 1099-MISC
Dividends   :   1099-DIV
Education IRA distributions   : 1099-R
Employee business expense Reimbursement :  W-2
Employee compensation  : W-2
Fees: Employee : W-2
Fees: Nonemployee : 1099-MISC
Fishing boat crew members proceeds  : 1099-MISC
Fish purchases for cash : 1099-MISC
401(k) contributions : W-2
404(k) dividend   : 1099-DIV
Golden parachute: Employee : W-2
Golden parachute: Nonemployee : 1099-MISC
Health care services : 1099-MISC
Indian gaming profits paid to tribal members :  1099-MISC
Interest income   : 1099-INT
IRA distributions : 1099-R
Life insurance contract distributions  : 1099-R
Liquidation, distributions in : 1099-DIV
Loans, distribution from pension plan  : 1099-R
Medical services  : 1099-MISC
Mileage: Employee : W-2
Mileage: Nonemployee : 1099-MISC
Military retirement  : 1099-R
Moving expense :  W-2
Nonemployee compensation   : 1099-MISC
Nonqualified plan distribution  : W-2
Nonqualified plan distribution: Beneficiaries  : 1099-R
Pensions :  1099-R
Prizes: Employee  : W-2
Prizes: Nonemployee  : 1099-MISC
Profit-sharing plan  : 1099-R
PS 58 costs :   1099-R
Punitive damages  : 1099-MISC
Qualified plan distributions  : 1099-R
Recharacterized IRA contributions   : 1099-R
Rents : 1099-MISC
Retirement  : 1099-R
Roth conversion IRA distributions   : 1099-R
Roth IRA distributions  : 1099-R
Royalties   : 1099-MISC
Section 1035 exchange   : 1099-R
SEP contributions : W-2
SEP distributions :  1099-R
Severance pay  :  W-2
Sick pay : W-2
SIMPLE contributions : W-2
SIMPLE distributions :  1099-R
Supplemental unemployment  : W-2
Tips  : W-2
Vacation allowance: Employee  : W-2
Vacation allowance: Nonemployee  : 1099-MISC
Wages :  W-2 

Once the information has been entered in the IRS 1099 software you are able do 1099 forms. In the 1099 form screen you can print or create a pdf file to email the forms. 1099 software prints recipient and payer copies to blank paper, preprinted laser 1099 forms or perforated blank paper.

The IRS gives you two options to file 1099 copy A and 1096 forms. You can mail paper forms or electronically file 1099 forms. Print the IRS copies, 1099 copy A and 1096 forms to preprinted red ink laser forms with 1099 software. The IRS requires 1099 copy A and 1096 forms to be scanned for this reason the software prints to preprinted red ink laser forms. For more information about 1099 forms go to or call 866-455-7438. Electronically file 1099 forms using W2 Mate. 1099 software creates the file that is uploaded to the IRS. Find valuable 1099 form information online at or call 800-829-4933.

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