Indiana Withholding: Lake County Implements New Payroll Tax


Payroll Mate® software is helping Indiana employers comply with the new Lake County local income tax withholding requirements.

What the new tax means for employers:

Beginning in October 2013, Indiana employers and withholding agents should begin withholding a 1.5 percent local income tax on Lake County resident’s wage income. If the Lake County resident works in a different Indiana county, their employer should stop withholding tax for the other county and begin withholding for Lake County on October 1st, 2013.

Very Important Note for Employees:

Because the local tax did not become effective until October, a prorated rate of .375% resident rate (.0625% nonresident rate) will be used for figuring Lake County tax on the 2013 Indiana income tax returns.

How to Configure the New Tax inside Payroll Mate:

Please refer to this question on how to create local payroll tax. You need to follow the same steps with 2 changes: Make the rate 1.5 (or whatever rate the state sent you) and name the new tax “Lake County Local Tax”.


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