Payroll Software : North Dakota Releases 2010 Withholding Tables

The state of North Dakota has issued the 2010 payroll withholding tables. The new tables will be implemented as part of our 2010 payroll software. If you are not already using our Payroll Mate payroll software, you can download a free demo by going to our download page.

North Dakota uses three different methods for calculating withholding. The first method is “Percentage of Wages”, which most closely resembles the Internal Revenue Service Percentage Method. The second method, Percent of Federal Withholding, is calculated as a percent of federal withholding. Lastly, the third method utilizes “Withholding Tables”. These tables are more useful for those employers who only have a few employees and use a manual payroll operation.

Our Payroll Mate payroll software uses “Percentage of Wages”, which is the method recommend by the state of North Dakota and typically used by payroll softwares.

For more information, please visit the payroll software page on our website.