How To Print 1099 (Print 1099 Tax Forms) Using 1099 Software

The detailed steps below will show you how to print form 1099 using our W2 Mate W2 1099 Software. If you don’t already have a copy of our 1099 filing program, please download a free 1099 software demo from the 1099 download page or by going to the1099 tax software page on our website.

Step 1:

You need to collect and verify the required information to fill out and print form 1099 MISC. This information includes recipient’s name , recipient’s address , recipient’s social security number or tax ID and of course your tax ID , name and address . It’s very important to verify that the tax ID or social security number you have on file for the 1099 contractor or recipient is correct. In general you need to print a 1099 MISC and send it to any person you paid over $600 in interest, rent, prizes/awards, royalties or for broker or barter exchange transactions (this includes each 1099 independent contractor you paid at least $600 throughout the year) .

Step 2:

If you are not sure if the social security number you have on file for the 1099 recipient is correct you can visit the Social Security Administration website (SSA.GOV), where they offer a free service to verify these numbers.It’s very important that TIN Taxpayer Identification Number you use when you print form 1099 is correct.

Step 3:

If you are not sure about the difference between an employee and independent 1099 contractor you can read the “Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?” page on the IRS website. Examples of  1099 contactors include accountants , graphic designers, janitorial companies and attorneys.

Step 4:

Make sure you have the correct amount of your 1099 payment including pennies (do not round numbers).

Step 5:

Make sure to read the form 1099 instructions issued by the IRS.

Step 6:

Contact your state and check to see if they need you to send them copies of the 1099 forms you print, this includes the following states: ARKANSAS 1099 (AR), ARIZONA 1099 (AZ), CALIFORNIA 1099 (CA), COLORADO 1099 (CO), CONNECTICUT 1099 (CT), DELAWARE 1099 (DE), FLORIDA 1099 (FL), GEORGIA 1099 (GA), HAWAII 1099 (HI), IDAHO 1099 (ID), ILLINOIS 1099 (IL), INDIANA 1099 (IN), IOWA 1099 (IA), KANSAS 1099 (KS), KENTUCKY 1099 (KY), LOUISIANA 1099 (LA), MAINE 1099 (ME), MARYLAND 1099 (MD), MASSACHUSETTS 1099 (MA), MICHIGAN 1099 (MI), MINNESOTA 1099 (MN), MISSISSIPPI 1099 (MS), MISSOURI 1099 (MO), MONTANA 1099 (MT), NEBRASKA 1099 (NE), NEVADA 1099 (NV), NEW HAMPSHIRE 1099 (NH), NEW JERSEY 1099 (NJ), NEW MEXICO 1099 (NM), NEW YORK 1099 (NY), NORTH CAROLINA 1099 (NC), NORTH DAKOTA 1099 (ND), OHIO 1099 (OH), OKLAHOMA 1099 (OK), OREGON 1099 (OR), PENNSYLVANIA 1099 (PA) NEW YORK 1099 (NY), RHODE ISLAND 1099 (RI), SOUTH CAROLINA 1099 (SC), SOUTH DAKOTA 1099 (SD), TENNESSEE 1099 (TN), TEXAS 1099 (TX), UTAH 1099 (UT), VERMONT 1099 (VT), VIRGINIA 1099 (VA), WASHINGTON 1099 (WA), WEST VIRGINIA 1099 (WV), WISCONSIN 1099 (WI) and WYOMING 1099 (WY) .

Step 7:

Make sure you have the right form 1099 print software for the year you are reporting 1099s for. As of Dec 2009 using our W2 Mate software you can print 1099 for 2009 1099, 2008 1099, 2007 1099, 2006  1099, 2005 1099 and 2004 1099.

Step 8:

Run W2 Mate W2 / 1099 software. If you haven’t installed W2 Mate yet, please download a free 1099 software evaluation by going to the software download page. Follow the step by step wizard which will guide you through the 1099 software installation process.

Step 9:

Setup a new 1099 recipient inside our 1099 software. Click on “1099 Recipient” icon and then click on the “New 1099 Recipient” button. Try to fill out as much information related to the1099 recipient as you can, the software will make sure you fill out the basic required 1099 information. Again please double check the 1099 Recipients’ identification number  and make sure you entered the correct value. If you are sending the 1099 form to recipient outside the U.S, make sure to check the Non-US address box and enter the foreign address (for example Canada 1099).

Step 10:

You now need to fill in the 1099 information on the 1099 form. Click on “1099 Forms” icon,  this will show a screen that is almost identical to the original 1099 form from the IRS. Most fields will be automatically populated based on the information you already entered for the 1099 recipient.

Step 11:

Fill-in the correct 1099 amount field. The most commonly used fields are “Rents” and “Nonemployee compensation”.
For “Rents” enter amounts of $600 or more for all types of rents, such as real estate rentals paid for office space (unless paid to a real estate agent), machine rentals (for example, renting a bulldozer to level your parking lot), and pasture rentals (for example, farmers paying for the use of grazing land). If the machine rental is part of a contract that includes both the use of the machine and the operator, the rental should be prorated between the rent of the machine (reported in box 1) and the operator’s charge (reported as nonemployee compensation in box 7). 
For “Nonemployee compensation” enter nonemployee compensation of $600 or more. Include fees, commissions, prizes and awards for services performed as a nonemployee, other forms of compensation for services performed for your trade or business by an individual who is not your employee, and fish purchases for cash. Include oil and gas payments for a working interest, whether or not services are performed. Also include expenses incurred for the use of an entertainment facility that you treat as compensation to a nonemployee.

Once you are done entering the 1099 amount(s) click the “Save” button.

Step 12:

Very important, before you start printing 1099s, please make sure your printer is hooked to your computer and turned on. Many of the support calls we get about printing 1099’s using our 1099 software are resolved by checking the printer and making sure it’s hooked up and configured properly on your computer.

Step 13:

Now we need to print the 1099 form (print form 1099 MISC) . Click on the print button, this will bring up the 1099 print dialog, where you can select the different 1099 printing settings and options.

Step 14:

Select one or more 1099 form recipients you want to print the 1099 form(s) for. The 1099 print dialog allows you to select one 1099 recipient, all  1099 recipient(s) or a range of 1099 recipients. The dialog also allows you to find a specific 1099 recipient to print the 1099 form for.

Step 15:

Select the 1099 recipient copy you want to print. Our software allows you to print these copies on regular white paper (no need for special 1099 printing paper). The most important copy is 1099-MISC Copy B.

Step 16:

We now need to print 1099 Copy A. This is the copy you need to send to the IRS and you need to print on red-ink paper (machine-readable). You can order these 1099 forms from our website by going to the 1099 forms page. To print the 1099 form you send to the IRS select “Print data only on a preprinted Red-ink Laser form [Copy A for Social Security on red-ink form]” . Please make sure you have pre-printed 1099-MISC in the printer before you hit the OK button.

Step 17:

Once you are done printing 1099 MISC forms, you need to print form 1096 (summary of all 1099-MISC forms you are sending to the IRS). To print form 1096, click on the “1096 Form” icon, this will display the 1096 screen, which should have all the fields already populated. Now make sure you have a pre-printed 1096 in the printer and click the print button. 

Step 18:

Stuff the 1099 recipient copies inside 1099 envelopes and send to the recipients by the 1099 due date. Also send forms 1099 Copy A along with form 1096 to the IRS by the due.

Step 19:

Make sure you are not printing and sending more than 255 1099 forms, in this case you will need to file electronically. You can use our 1099 e-file software for this purpose.

Step 20:

Once you’ve finished printing form 1096 and printed your 1099 forms, it’s highly recommended that you backup your database and save the backup in a safe place. Also make sure to save all payer copies of the 1099 forms you send out.

We hope this tutorial simplified the process to print 1099 forms and helps you better understand the main details of filing 1099 forms for 2009 and beyond. If you have any question about how to print form 1099 (including 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV and 1099-R), please visit the main page of our website ( )  where you will find a wealth of information about 1099 forms and you will find a number of ways to contact us including email, phone, fax or chat. Again, if you haven’t already downloaded a free 1099 software demo, please do so by going to the 1099 software page .