California Form DE-6 | EDD Form DE6 | CA DE 6 Instructions


California DE-6 Form, Quarterly Wage and Withholding Report, is a required report to be filed by California employers. Business owners will report individual employee’s wages and personal income tax (PIT) withholdings. Use our CA payroll software to automatically calculate California withholdings, prepare, and print Form DE 6.

The state of California form DE 6 can be submitted to EDD (Employment Development Department) a number of ways. Employers can e-file DE 6, submit a paper form DE-6 or an approved alternate EDD form. Employers with more than 249 employees are required to submit electronically. Employers whom have been notified to e-file and choose not to do so will incur a penalty.

All employers required to file DE 6 shall do regardless if wages were paid. The form should be filled out with the appropriate boxes selected were applicable.

Additional requirements revolve around filing due dates. Use Payroll Mate to print California state form DE-6. The DE-6 form is submitted to State of California/ Employment Development Department/ P.O. Box 826288/ Sacramento, CA 94230-6288. The DE-6 is due April 1,  July 1 , October 1, and January 1. The form is considered delinquent if not filed by April 30, August 2, November 1, and January 31 accordingly. To find valuable information you can go to “The California Employer’s Guide” or call the Taxpayer Assistance Center at (888) 745-3886.

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